Welcome to Monocrome Sky ♡

Hello, random person which somehow found this blog 😀


This blog used to be Fantage Lalaland, a blog about fantage.

(If you don’t know what’s fantage, its a virtual game)

Now, I have decided to make this a random blog since I don’t really have any interest in that game anymore.


I post art, anime, manga and about my life (I guess??)

Interests: KHR,Bleach,Enstars,DR



Happy CNY!

What are y’all doing for CNY?

For me, I had to spend the weekend at home. My family isn’t doing any visiting this year. One reason being my two sisters are sick. Meanwhile, I’m 99.9% better so I’m ready to eat my pineapple tarts. The second reason is because of some family drama I guess? After my maternal grandmother passed away, there seemed to be some tension on the maternal side.

I kind of wish we went visiting this year. I lowkey want to post a mandatory ootd post on Instagram like what everyone else is doing HAHAHA

What my plans are for this long break from school is to:

1) Catch up with last week’s lessons and finish homework

2) Get a new school bag and possibly new track shoes

3) Shiny hunt for squirtle (Egg count is at 180 D: )

4) Make an effort to write notes for prelims

Hopefully, I’ll actually do my list HAHAHA

Anyways, have a blessed CNY everyone !!! 🍊🍊🍊


Stomach Flu

I believe this is the most miserable case I’ve had in my life. (Not that I’ve had many, but still…) My immunity system is surprisingly strong for someone that skips meals and sleeps at odd hours.

Since I’m nearing 16, I think this one would be the norovirus instead of the rotavirus. The rotavirus is what kids get. I still remember having stomach flu in primary school which was a terrible experience of drinking orange 100 plus and diarrhea.

My theory is that:
→I caught it from my younger brother on Thursday
→Virus incubated while I was at class camp (Friday to Saturday)
→Stomach flu strikes one day after camp (Sunday)

I really had a great time at camp. I felt less stressed and was ready to lead a more positive lifestyle. On Sunday, I felt unexplainably sad and lethargic. This was followed up by diarrhea (twice) and then throwing up three consecutive times in the sink.

I threw up a lot and it was a huge mess. My head started getting light. I honestly thought I was going to die. Before losing conscience and passing out, I recall clinging to the door while screaming as well as my mother’s frantic voice as she called for the ambulance. It really saddens me when I remember the tone of her voice.

Thank God, I was only out for a while. I started regaining conscience after my dad dragged me out of the toilet and propped me against a wall. It felt weird. My hearing and vision was fuzzy. People sounded like they were talking underwater.

I was thankfully able to walk after the whole experience. My dad brought me to the nearest hospital because he wasn’t happy that the paramedics wanted to send me to the children’s hospital (since I was a minor). It’s quite a distance from home.

My hospital stay was average in general. Service is great and the staff know what they are doing. Food and waiting time was awful. I had cold porridge with warm side dishes for dinner. I had to wait around an hour in the A and E lying in a bed before they decided to put me in the 23 hour observation ward.

I’m extremely pissed at my brother for bringing back stomach flu. His hygiene is absolutely horrible which is self-explanatory as to why he got it.

Firstly, I missed a lot of brushing as my right hand was on a drip. I think my gums receded a bit… which is BAD since they were already receded to begin with.

Secondly, I’m on a 4-5 day MC and I’ve missed out on a lot of lessons and homework. XY passed me the homework and materials for the past few days and it was quite a stack :/

I admit I wished to be sick this term but only for one or two days. Never did I ask for a whole damn week.


Braces Update -2017

Honestly, the only thing I’ve been posting here is about braces and nothing else lol. I think its amazing that my teeth can move so much by themselves within 6 months!! It might be possible that it’ll take less than 2 years to perfect teeth 😀

This was where I am ↓


One of the pictures I forgot to post (I changed to a candy-pink afterwards but I lost the picture orz) ↓


Where I am now, after eating rice with yellow food coloring HAHAHA ↓


Yellow doesn’t look as bad as I thought. Maybe because its a light yellow so it’s closer to tooth colour? It was light pink before, oops!

My mum says other’s teeth look more yellow with the yellow ligatures because their teeth were already yellow. Hence, the yellow effect becoming enhanced.

After my most recent visit, the ortho didn’t seem too happy with my brushing so my next appointment is in 3 weeks, yikes ;A; I really have to step up my brushing game this year HAHAHA


Exam Afterthoughts

Hello, I haven’t been active because of revision for my end-of-years orz

I’m not expecting much but I hope I’m able to pass 3/4 of my subjects which would be 6.

Hence, that would mean failing two which is acceptable for me since I didn’t do notes or start my revision early.

The two subjects I’ll fail? I think it’ll be Geography and Chemistry. I’ve been getting inconsistent grades for Geography throughout the year so I doubt I’d actually pass. For the chemistry paper, it was just an entire blur for me. All the questions seemed strange and well, unfamiliar.

There’s a possible chance I failed Physics too but it’s kind of a 50-50 chance since the paper felt somewhat easier. (Or maybe my fever caused me to hallucinate??) Maybe it’s because I seriously did my work and the topics I didn’t like did not come out?

For mid-year’s, I only scored 40 marks which would then be 12% out of 30% marks earned. The remaining 38% required for a pass for my end-of-year’s physics paper would be somewhere above 50 I think? Well, I better pray the MCQ section will save me.

We also had one hour+ breaks between some papers. I went with some friends to study thinking, oh it might not be so bad. Actually, it was bad. XY and J talk a lot; I couldn’t memorise everything before our second geography paper. JE kept “unintentionally” confusing us. For example, before our second e-math paper, she said something false about the graphs. I don’t mind if she was asking for clarification before the paper starts but she worded it out something like ” Okay, so the graphs go like ___. ” not  “Do the graphs go like ___?” A question and a statement make a big difference.

I wish I knew better people to study with but our class has cliques and stuff y’know.

I hope I can have better studying habits before next year since it’ll be my O-levels and that is why I created a studyblr to motivate myself lol. I’ll have to update my social media page tomorrow, good night!



Braces – 1st Adjustment

May God bless me for the rest of my adjustments because I was in pain when the bands were taken off and whatever else they did.

Good news is that:
-She said I was ‘not bad’ with cleaning the front
-New coloured bands!!!!
-The spring is gone, it was really irritating the past few days

Bad news:
-I have to start flossing my back teeth but honestly I have no idea how to go about doing it
-My bottom jaw hurts a lot as they made the wire bent to bring out the tooth behind



Sorry about quality :(((


I have light pink bands now!! 😀 I also saw shiny bands and I’ve decided I want to try them next time 🙂


^For comparison while I was still with light blue

I also caught a lot of Pokemon while waiting to be called in. There was an Abra but it fled away (as usual). I managed to catch a Snorlax when I went to the shopping mall for watercolour paints.

It was a fun day but I’ll try to be productive later!! Because exams coming up y’know


How Awkward

I like setting alarms during the weekends and holidays to make sure I don’t oversleep to 1pm onwards. In fact, I set too many. I even maxed out the number of alarms.

The bad thing is that sometimes I forget to turn them off. Most of the alarms I have don’t have specific days so they ring every day if I don’t turn them off.

Well, I forgot to turn off my 12pm holiday alarm. It rang during a-math lesson and I honestly wished I was dead. It could have been much louder but it was muffled since I place my phone in my bag which is usually behind me. Once I heard the alarm, I quickly went to switch it off.

I was so scared the teacher would have heard it :-(( Phones aren’t allowed in class so it would definitely be confiscated.

I think I’ll just give up on alarms except the one that wakes me up at 6am for school //sigh